Designing spaces for a lifetime.

Tombuild Architecture Studio is more than just the buildings we design. We thrive on breaking barriers and developing simple solutions to complex challenges.

New York

Tom Tower



New Soul


Buenos Aires

Complex One



Art Museum

Enhancing the way people experience architecture and interior spaces.

When we design a structure, it will be there for the long haul

Enhance the way people experience their architecture and interiors by combining compassion with technical knowledge and design integrity.


Building our reputation on 30 years of developing communities through carefully precision design.

Exterior Design

Building our reputation on 30 years of developing communities through carefully precision design.

Our mission is to lead our clients and partners to their goals.

A full-service Architecture & Design firm based in New York City, specializing in commercial buildings and educational facilities.

Trusted by forward-thinking construction & engineering teams around the world

We are experts at building large-scale works.

We focus on meeting the needs and expectations of our customers, ensuring the highest standards of safety, quality and transparency.

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Alternativ Energies est un bureau d’études énergétiques et ensemblier en énergies renouvelables qui accompagne ses clients dans la transition énergétique de leurs bâtiments tertiaires. L’entreprise propose un service complet de conseil, d’assistance technique et de suivi sur le long terme. Alternativ Energies s’engage à concevoir des solutions énergétiques performantes et durables, tout en respectant les contraintes budgétaires et esthétiques des projets. Avec une approche globale et une expertise reconnue, Alternativ Energies permet à ses clients de concrétiser des projets énergétiques ambitieux et responsables.

254 rue Vendôme 69003 Lyon
15 bis avenue Emile Zola 74100 Annemasse
+33 (0)4 69 96 60 11